We recently had the privilege to watch a once a year football extravaganza called the SUPER BOWL! It has become an American past-time that we all gather our friends and family together as we begin to discuss all of the NFL knowledge that we have acquired over the last football season. I often end up listening much more than I speak. One reason is that I do not have a lot of stats or historical football facts that can throw out at any time. Another reason is that I always learn a few life lessons when it comes to people speaking about sports.

I am always amazed how the conversations that start with certain individual players with their gifting\’s and skill-sets, end up talking about the organization as a whole and how ultimately the head coach is the person that is to be celebrated or tolerated.

“Coaches have to watch for what they don’t want to see and listen to what they don’t want to hear” John Madden

It is easy to stop noticing in our own lives how we all have people who are appointed as our coaches. We have Pastors, Bosses, Leaders, Mentors and Family Members that all play a role in our development. As a players on the field we all need to remember that we are NEVER ALONE in life. There is always someone watching what we do not want to see and listening to what we do not want to hear.

This is a lot like driving a car, we all have our blind spots that we are just incapable of seeing. In a car we can use our mirrors to help us see some of the areas that are naturally out of our normal view.  In life we are dependent on those around us. We can always ask the ones following us to let us know if we are making decisions that put us in danger or off course. We can ask our peers that are working side by side to offer assistance if they see us making decisions that question are destination or we can take the biggest leap of all and ask those leaders in front of us to take a moment and look back occasionally and offer any advise that may help us stay the course. Either of these three examples will work, however they all take humility to achieve.


We should run from the thoughts that make us stop asking our coaches to help us achieve our goals and destinations. One common thread that all people have is that mostly we want to help others. Ask those around you to be more than just watchers from the sidelines. Ask them to be part of your coaching team. As I watched the New England Patriots have the biggest super bowl comeback in history, I realized that it took an entire team of great people to orchestrate such a victory.

Proverbs 19:20 Take good counsel and accept correction that’s the way to live wisely and well.

Life is simple, just ask for help. If you can not trust those around you then start finding new people to support you.

Life is short, do the things that work for your betterment no matter what the obstacles may be.

Life is satisfying, stay focused on how you are processing your thoughts and feelings. STAY POSITIVE, the only other option is to be negative, and that as you know will just never work….You are never alone.



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