Have you ever been at an event with a friend or family member? If so, maybe this has happened to you. They say “Hey, I will be right back. Stay here and wait.” Most of us will say “sure no problem” if it is not to terribly important for them to be there. Then after some time goes by, and more time goes by and then even more time goes by. I am not sure how you react to this, but here is what I usually do. I will start to glance around for whomever has left, I start thinking “are they ok”, then after a bit longer I wonder if they are coming back? Now for all of the times that this has happened I have to confess, they have ALWAYS returned. I have realized one of my weaknesses through this is lack of patience.

I am sure I am not the first person to realize that it is a good thing that I did not enter the medical field. (because I have no patience, get it….. patients). If there is one thing that will produce peace and remove anxiety, it is patience. There are many times we start praying for it and we find ourselves stuck in traffic, in a long line, and basically having our life come to a complete stop, while the world goes merrily by us at light speed.

Patience is wisdom in waiting

When I was younger I always wanted to sneak a peek at my Christmas presents. One year when I was very young I carefully pulled back a corner on one of the presents that was for me under the tree. I saw the wood grain on the side of a tool kit that i so desperately wanted and made everyone very aware of. When I saw it I was so excited that I was getting it, although I was very sad that I was now having to act like I did not know what it was on Christmas morning. After that, I never peaked again and always used patience to get me through the temptation of taking the seemingly inevitable shortcut.

There is a great example that I learned years ago about waiting on the Lord, let me explain it to you. You can wait in two completely different ways.You can wait impatiently, checking your watch every few minutes while tapping your foot on the ground letting every one around you know that the inconvenience has overtaken you and you are completely annoyed with the amount of time that is taking you to receive whatever it is that you are waiting for. Then there is the preferred way. Standing upright with a smile in your heart, a towel neatly placed on your arm in front of you stating “how can I wait on you Lord?” What can I do for you?

I can tell you from a vast experiences that when you wait with the proper attitude that you will actually become so at peace with everything that it changes you from the inside out. And all those people who seem to be passing you by at blazing speeds will no longer cause you and frustration at all!

Faith: the ability to believe in god\’s processes

It is not always 100% easy to do the right thing for the right reasons, but it is 100% doable! We all must get better at remembering that our outcomes affect more people than we think. There has never been a more important time for people to start making choices that will guarantee healthy and positive results.

There is always someone watching and learning from you. I know that times can be hard and people can hurt you, however if you are like me we have learned that we very seldom get the opportunity to choose how we are pruned and stretched.

You can not always choose what you go through,  you can always choose how you go through it

So the next time you find yourself being impatient, remind yourself that there are two ways to go through it. Foolish or wise. Try to stretch yourself and choose wisdom as your guide. Remember that there is an expected end to your season. Hang in there and get that winning feeling:)



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