I recently spoke at an annual event called UNSHAKABLE. This event is great because it is directly focused to men. In our society today it feels that men have become comfortable being in the passenger seat of life and not leading as they are designed to. I know when I watch television that the shows and commercials usually make the men either bumbling idiots or emasculated to the point of not being able to make a decision without permission.

The Greatest leader you will ever meet lives within you

It is easy to step away from the thrones that we are supposed to be leading from. In older times the only way to win a battle or take over the castle was to get the king of of his throne. In modern times it is still relevant. Leading is an inherent design to being a man. I have also met many great women leaders that I truly respect and admire. This article is not intended to offend, it is only to help those remember that leaders are often told that they can not lead.

Leadership is revealed not  created

We have a vast heritage of great leaders that we can pull from as examples of how to develop ourselves into the leaders we want to be. David from the bible is an example of someone who knew he was designed to lead, however he was always being put to the test. He was 15 when he was anointed to be king. Then he had to return to his familiar surroundings and learn to fight lions and bears and even sling a rock so good that he could hit any target. David like ourselves sometimes do not see the reasons for our seasons.

David did not know that he was going to meet a man called Goliath. He had no idea that what he had been learning on the back of a mountain was exactly what he was going to need to overcome a larger than life circumstance. It is easy to get our eyes off the simple things that we are learning. We can forget that God has us exactly where we are supposed to be and learning exactly what we are supposed to be learning. It is OK to question the why in a season, we just can not question the who in a season.

Sometimes we see our season of experiencing not the season of equipping

David had already defeated Goliath on the backside of a mountain when he learned how to hit the target over and over again. He knew that his circumstance was not as big as his equipping. You, like David can totally take on the Goliath’s of your life knowing that you are equipped to handle anything. As I spoke earlier, there will be times we all will want to get off our thrones and let somebody else lead the battle. This is when we must remember that the battle belongs to the Lord, we must only be obedient and learn what we are supposed to learn so we can lead when we need to lead.

The Battle is not yours the Victory is!

Try not to complicate the formula for a healthy life. Simplicity ALWAYS wins. learn to keep the main thing the plain thing. Most people need only a few things to be happy. The challenge is realizing what they are. Stay focused on the facts that guarantee your victory.

You are equipped for success. You are designed to overcome. You will see God’s faithfulness in your life. At the end of the day only you can answer the hard questions:Did I I lead today? Did I remember my equipping for this season? Am I complicating my life? Am I owning my victory. Your belief dictates your faith and you will behave the way you believe. Faith is ALWAYS a choice. Choose your choices like they matter….. They Do.