It is not always easy to know your role. So often in life situations arise without the proper time to prepare the correct response or offer the best solution. I remember the slogan that was taught to us in the Cub Scouts was simple and easy to remember, “Always Be Prepared.” Like most people, we think we are ready for the unexpected. We have backup batteries if the power goes out, water supplies if the water stops, extra gas if the gas stations were to close, even extra food if the local store ran out. It seems we are programed to be prepared for the worst.

When was the Last time you dId something for the first time?

Here are a few questions for you: How are you preparing for success? Are you getting ready for miracles?

Let me tell you a story of one of the many miracles that I have experienced in my life. It was in the mid 90’s and we were in one of the “just enough” seasons. You know the kind, where all you have is enough to survive. We were grateful for what we had, but it was Christmas and my son was going to be 5 and he needed a bike. Not just one of those good enough bikes, but one of those motocross bikes with all the pads and cool tires. This was out of the question for us financially.

Believing is the art of possible

I was driving to work one day and I saw that the local gas station was having a give-away and the big prize was a super duty motocross bike! I remembered listening to a teaching months before where the speaker told us to prepare for miracles and not be doubtful about them. I went home and cleaned out my trunk and prepared a place to hide the bike until Christmas day.

The give-away night rolled around and I had enough money for two raffle tickets and a hot chocolate. I found a seat at one of the pumps and settled in for the night. After quite a few give-aways the final prize finally rolled around and there I was, two tickets and an empty trunk. I did not have an incredible feeling that I was going to win, I just knew that I was ready for it! I had prepared for the victory!

faith is the currency of the invisible

They pulled the bike out of the window, brought it out and the crowd gathered close and waited for the big moment. Who was going to win? There were roughly 35 people standing around in 40 degree weather. After a small speech the owner began to read off the six digit number. I had the first, second, third, fourth and POW! I had missed the moment. Someone else had won. There was clapping and a few handshakes and as I was headed back to my car the owner began to speak loudly that the person who had the winning ticket was not there. He may have given the ticket away or even had a family member holding it, but all I knew was that they were going to draw a new ticket.

He began to read off the digits and low and behold, I HAD THE TICKET! I still get excited today. It was one of those moments that was complete and vulnerable faith. It is easy to forget the times that there have been miracles in your life. Remember to create an atmosphere of expectancy for those things that you truly desire. Life is way too short to doubt. Live with the knowing that there always a way out of whatever you are going through. We may have to make room for the good things and that is so much better than making room for the bad…